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Welcome to the lapidary village Kirschweil

Refering to the year 1272 Kirschweiler was noted the first time in documents. The waterpower was the base for the development to the "lapidary village". Until today approx. 100 lapidary and gem-trading companies as well as goldsmith-facilities are located in the traditional village. Some of the lapidarys are open for tourists. On demand you can produce your own gemstone at hobby-lapidarys. We offer you the contacts for your pleasure.

Kirschweiler: The one and only place for friends in gems, minerals, jewelry and hiking.

Today we have a population of approx. 1.300 habitants.

Only a few kilometers from Idar-Oberstein you will find a nice variety of natur, steep rugged rocks as well as quiet forrests and great views into the valleys. Hiking and cycling in mother nature - holidays for your soul.

The village's landmark is the historic gemstone-fountain, provided by the lapidarys of the village. The fountain content all types and colors of gemstones in the world (see the picture on the right)

Aside the local recreation area our region offers more than 100 km hiking trails. One of the trails leads from Kirschweiler to the "Kirschweiler Festung" on the top of the hill in a quiet the forest. The "Festung" (fortress) is also called "Silverich" or "Hunschrack" and was propably built by the Kelts as a cult rutal place - but this is unexplored yet.

Unfortunately today you could not find buildings built by human hand, but a natural gate in the rocks is very impressing.  

Until today you can find marks of the Kelts hiking the historical street between the Ringkopf and the Kirschweiler Festung.

Propably the Roman discovered the first gemstones in the region. A cameo dated more than 2000 years old made from agate you can see in the   state museum Trier. From the fortress you will have a great view to the high forrest in north and to the Nahe-valley with its hills in the south.

You will find a nice variety of sports in our village: a golf-court (9 holes), tennis, tabletennis, air gun shooting or bowling.

In neighboring places you can find indoor- and outdoor swimming pools as well as miniature golf.

For your daily needs you will find some grocery stores in Kirschweiler as well a variety of restaurants. Also gem-shops, goldsmith, mineral-stores, gem-designer - everybody will find a favourite.