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Here we offer a small variety of destinations in the region. Click the logo and you will reach the website.

Deutsche Edelsteinstraße
(German Gemstone Street)

Running the big or the small turn (48km / 23 km) you will find approx. 60 traditional handcrafted factories cutting raw-material gemstones from all over the world into nice jewelry. Follow the sign!

Link: http://www.edelsteinstrasse.de

Sirona Weg
(Sirona way)

The Nahe-region offers a great variety of myth and legend. During the 5th and 6th century Kelt and later in the history the Roman lived in our region. The gallo-roman goddess Sirona gave her name for the hiking trail. A stature of this goddess was found near Hochscheid. She is the patron of fountain, creeks and rivers. Have a walk on a mystic trail.



Idar-Oberstein - The gem-city

1974 the Diamond and Gemstone Exchange was founded. This is a document of the reputation of Idar-Oberstein as a important trade center for the gem- and diamond-industry. All point of interest are located aside the main streets in the city.

Link: http://www.idar-oberstein.de


Checkout the fascinating world of gemstones. The gemstone-mine Steinkaulenberg invites for a visit in the underground. You can digg your own minerals as Agate, Jaspis, Amethyst and many other type of quarz.

Link: http://www.edelsteinminen-idar-oberstein.de

Historische Wasserschleife von 1634
(Historical waterpowered lapidary from 1634)

Visit the old tradition of lapidary. This lapidary is only powered by water. Get an impression of the old way of gemstone-cut and the poor way of life in the last centuries.

Link: http://www.edelsteinminen-idar-oberstein.de/historische-weiherschleife.html

Die Felsenkirche
(The rock-church)

The legend: At the foot of castle Bosselstein the knight "vom Oberen Stein" build the rock-church. He killed his brother and for repentance this mind he built the church in a rock-niche in the years 1482 - 1484. Since this time the church represents the town's landmark.

Link: http://www.felsenkirche-oberstein.de


Schloss Oberstein
(Oberstein castle)

Aside the rock-church and the castle Bosselstein you can find Oberstein castle. Have a great view to the neighbour-castle and Idar-Oberstein. Follow the small trail to the neighbour-castle and the rock-churck.

Link: http://www.idar-oberstein-touristinfo.de/index.php/sehenswuerdigkeiten-idar-oberstein/burg-bosselstein-und-schloss-oberstein.html

Deutsches Edelsteinmuseum
(German Gemstone Museum)

Visit the world of gemstones in perfection. Gemstones from all parts of the world, raw material and beautiful cut as well as sculptures and carvings. Everything is placed in a historical mansion in Idar.

Link: http://www.edelsteinmuseum.de

Historische Wasserschleife Biehl
(Historical waterpowered lapidary Biehl)

A top-floated waterwheel is the engine producing the power via transmission to turn the sandstone-wheels inside. The old lapidary was established about 200 years ago. Meanwhile in the 4th generation the owner Mr. Biehl will explain the hard work of the lapidary during the centuries. Have a interesting trip into the past.



Historisches Kupferbergwerk
(Historical copper mine)

Near Fischbach at the German gemstone street, only a few kilometers aside Idar-Oberstein you can visit this former very significant copper mine in western Germany.  Take a guided tour through the napoleonic time. Very impressive!


Schiefergrube Herrenberg
(Slate-mine Herrenberg)

Not an erveryday attraction. Book a guided tour and visit the slate-mine aside the slate- and castle street. Many kinds of fossiles have been found in this mine. If you are lucky, you can find one on your own. Visit the world of dinosaur.



Whiskymuseum auf der Kyrburg
(Whisky-museum on the Kyrburg-castle)

In the deep cellar of the Kyrburg-castle the owner provides one of the largest collection in Whisky. The ruin is the town's landmark of Kirn and can be seen on far distance. Inside the castle a nice restaurand provides fine food. Even here in the restaurant you will find hundreds of whisky-bottles in all shapes and styles. Book a whisky tasting!


(Cycling route Nahe)

From the source to the river mouth
You have the intention to have a nice cycling or a challenge? Everything you can explore along the river Nahe on a trail of more than 130 km, starting at the source near Selbach until the river mouth at Bingen into the river Rhine. Follow the romantic valley and the wine-growing district Nahe.